Strong GhEnToxLab attendance at VLIZ young marine scientists' day

Last February, Prof. Janssen together with eleven Ph.D. lab members and 2 M.Sc. thesis students participated in the 15th edition of the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) Young Marine Scientists’ day.  In this event, which was attended by 347 ‘young’ scientists’, our colleagues Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe and Maarten De Rijcke were selected (out of 130 applicants) to give a pitch presentation. Lisbeth confronted the audience with her new results on man’s daily contribution to the marine microplastic problem and Maarten presented his research on the combined effects of temperature and nutrient load on the development of harmful algal blooms. Both did an excellent job and ended up second and fourth (respectively) in the oral presentation award competition (public votes). Congrats to both of them! Furthermore GhEnToxLab presented 5 posters with innovative research from Gert Everaert, Maarten De Rijcke, David Deruytter, Jan Baert and Jonathan Deraedt. Well done all!

Picture © VLIZ events (Verhaeghe, Els)