Research on health effects of sea spray in Belgian and Dutch news

On January 24th and 25th, our research concerning the potential human health effects of sea spray aerosol exposure was picked up by the Belgian and Dutch media. Dr. Jana Asselman and PhD student Emmanuel Van Acker explained our latest findings which are published in the open access journal Scientific Reports. In short, we found that sea air, collected near the waterline, induced a downregulation of PCSK9 and some genes related with the mTOR pathway in lung cells lines. These results are very interesting since this gene and this pathway are potential targets for treatments against LDL cholesterol and cancer, respectively.


(c) Simon Mouton / Nieuwblad


Here you can find an overview of the different media channels who interviewed us:

De Morgen
Belang Van Limburg
Het Laatste Nieuws
VTM Nieuws
Focus WTV
De Gentenaar
Goed Gevoel
Radio 2
Algemeen Dagblad (NL)
Brabants Dagblad (NL)
Omroep Zeeland (NL)
Telegraaf (NL)
De Limburger (NL)
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