Dr. Jana Asselman presents research on DNA methylation patterns in different genotypes of Daphnia.

janaToday, September 15th, is the start of the second international Environmental Omics (iEOS) Conference in Liverpool, UK.  The iEOS conference and the Environmental Omics Synthesis Centre was founded to bring together people, ideas, research fields and organisations using omics approaches to advance environmental sciences. The EOS and the conference are funded through the Natural Environmental Research Council and the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council.


GhEnToxLab was invited to present its research on epigenetics in ecotoxicology. Dr. Jana Asselman will talk about changes in DNA methylation patterns in response to environmental stress in different genotypes of Daphnia. Her talk is part of the session chaired by Prof. Peter Kille and Prof. Kevin Chipman on the epigenetic basis of phenotypic plasticity underpinning acclimatization. 

For more information: http://environmentalomics.org/ieos2014/  and http://environmentalomics.org/