GhEnToxLab at SETAC Nashville

GhEnToxLab at SETAC Nashville

setaclogo2 thumb100 The Ghent University Laboratory for Environmental Toxicology will be presenting some of its research at the SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN from 17-21 November 2013. Come and see us at the following dates and places:



Monday Nov 18, Exhibition Hall

[MP025] The influence of culturing conditions on the performance and sensitivity of the freshwater mollusc Sphaerium corneum in sediment toxicity tests

Poster presentation by Lien Nguyen


Tuesday Nov 19, 8:25, room Lincoln A

[190] Does Risk Assessment of Harmful Algal Blooms need to consider combined and interactive effects with pesticides (and vice versa)?

Platform presentation by Jana Asselman


Tuesday Nov 19, Exhibition Hall

[TP078] Micro-evolutionary response in a natural Daphnia magna population under Cu and Zn stress

Poster presentation by Karel De Schamphelaere


Wednesday Nov 20, Exhibition Hall

[WP096] Advance research on nickel toxicity in sediments: species, bioavailability and toxicity

Poster presentation by Lien Nguyen


Wednesday Nov 20, 14:45, room Presidential A

[465] Nickel toxicity in sediments: bioavailability, organism feeding behaviour and exposure for the oligochaete Lumbriculus variegatus

Platform presentation by Lien Nguyen


Thursday Nov 21, 13:45, room Washington B

[657] Modeling uptake and chronic toxicity of metal mixtures to plants, Daphnia and zebrafish

Platform presentation by Karel De Schamphelaere